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    Crucial Static Control Tools & Solutions from Simco-Ion

    Static Control tools and solutions are necessary for every industry to maintain industry standards. Safety and Security are essential for both manufacturing and electronic industries to thrive in the market race. A reliable static control solution is required to improve productivity and work efficiency.   

    Since 1936, Simco-Ion has been one of the leading industrial distributors of high-quality static control products. The years of experience and expertise in understanding the customers' needs and the industrial requirements has made Simco-Ion the engineered solution for all the electric discharge issues. 

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    With a range of reliable static control product solutions and tools, Simco- ion has been running in the market for over 80+ years. The quality enriched supply chain has stabilized its reputation among various industrial units. 

    Stellar Static-Control Solutions & Tools from Simco-Ion

    Protecting sensitive electronic devices and safeguarding your workers are necessary to improve productivity and work efficiency. Static control solutions and tools guarantee maximum reliability and responsive performance in the industrial markets. Here are some of the top-hole static control components and systems distributed by Simco-Ion.

    1. Benchtop Ionizing Blowers 

    The lightweight Benchtop Ionizing Blowers are used to neutralize the static discharge by attracting opposite polarity ions. Benchtop Ionizers are ideal for a cleanroom environment. It utilizes pure air around the work environment to eliminate any electric discharge. Also, ionizing blowers are perfect for non-conductors that cannot be grounded to the earth. 

    US Point of Use Ionizer from Simco-Ion

    Supported by variable speed fan and integrated heater, Benchtop Ionizing Blowers will efficiently remove the risk associated with Static discharge and inspect packaging areas and in-process tool application where there are possibilities of static accumulation. Moreover, Simco-Ion supplies Guardian Cleanroom Ionizing Air Blower with two fans for critical cleanroom applications. 

    Some finest quality Benchtop Ionizing bowlers distributed by Simco-Ion include:

    2. Ionizer Air Gun

    Ionizer Air Gun enables precision-oriented cleaning and static control measures. It has a high blow-off force that quickly eliminates accumulated charges and helps you to maintain consistent workflow and productivity. 

    Top Gun Ionizer Air Gun from Simco-Ion

    Moreover, Its static controlled ergonomic handle and lightweight features make it an ideal operational tool to ensure ESD safety. Here are some of the highly reliable Ionizer Air Guns supplied by Simco-Ion:

    3. Fusion Air Ioniser Bar

    Simco-Ion distributes Fusion Air Ioniser Bars that control static discharge in local areas. The easily installable compact Fusion Air Ionizer Bars effectively help in neutralizing electric discharge through its auto-balancing technology. Moreover, It has an optional fan facility and digital level remote alarm output system that enhances performance rate to eliminate the possibilities of static issues.  

    4. Electrostatic Field Meter

    Inspecting and assessing the static charge is crucial to design control measures. Simco-Ion distributes digital electrostatic field meters that locate both negative and positive polarity charges. The non-contact field meters are developed to provide an accurate reading of static charges to help industries keep the static flow safe and channelized. 

    Electrostatic Field Meter from Simco-Ion

    5. Power Supply Kit

    The Power Supply Kit from Simco-Ion enhances the operational efficiency of fusion ionizing bars. Fusion ionizing bars are necessary for static damage control. Hence, it’s necessary to fuel-up the performance frequently to make sure that damages are controlled beforehand. The power supply kit ensures the performance and operational potency in urgency to avoid static control loss. 

    6. Charged Plate Monitor

    Accurate electrostatic field reading is necessary to understand where ionization is required. Simco-Ion supplied Charged Plate Monitors provide periodic verification of ionizers’ operational capability and the automatic voltage management system records the performance of the ionizer by providing an automated testing facility.  

    Charged Plate Monitor

    Simco-Ion: The Complete Solution for Static Discharge 

    Finding the best static control tools are necessary to improve workplace productivity and efficiency. Simco-Ion has garnered a high reputation in the industry with its quality static control product supplies. Gokimco is a trusted dealer of Simco-Ion products. Now you can shop from the extensive brand collection at Gokimco to find the best static control products suitable for your workplace.
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