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    A person in white PPE wiping surface mount contaminants

    Techspray Alcohol-Based Cleaning Solution: The Ultimate Guide to Industrial Safety

    The pandemic has put a heavy grip on the world. People are running behind safety measures to keep their bodies and the environment clean and hygienic. Rubbing sanitizers and spraying disinfectants have become a routine. Resultantly, the demand for alcohol-based cleaners and disinfectants has increased abundantly. 

    The flourishing demand for alcohol-based cleaning solutions has also brought adulterated cleaning solutions to the market claiming high-end safety and effectiveness. Hence, it’s high time for us to inspect the genuity of the cleaning solutions we use.

    A person cleaning a mobile phone using a wipe

    Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

    Choose A Suitable Solvent 

    There are a wide variety of cleaning solutions available in the market. Understanding the needs and nature of your work and workplace is crucial to determine the type of cleaners and methods you require in the industry. 

    Some of the commonly used chemical solvents are:


    For general cleaning purposes, it is advised to use less concentrated alcohol-based solvents rather than highly concentrated alcohol products that pose high usage warning. 


    Pandemic has engulfed the world. Now you cannot control things using general cleaners. It is the right time to shift your safety standards to an advanced level. Along with ordinary cleaning methods and cleaners, you must use disinfectants to reduce the attack of infection spreading germs. 

    A person spraying disinfectant

    Image by Squirrel_photos from Pixabay 


    Critical industries need to adopt a heavy decontamination process to keep the production cycle running. It is not just enough to wipe off the contaminants using cleaners and disinfectants. By adopting the chemical sterilization method, you can easily kill all forms of micro-organism spread on surface mount devices.      

    Choosing an alcohol-based chemical solvent is not as easy as buying some casual products. You need to research the user manual and efficiency of chemical solvents to ensure safety and avoid industrial mishaps.

    Meanwhile, Techspray cleaning solutions had garnered market demand and consumer attention with its work-friendly products fit for electronic cleaning. The broad line of isopropyl cleaning solutions from Techspray has helped industries to enhance hygiene and workplace safety with Covid supplies amidst the rising pandemic tension. 

    The ultra cleaning properties of Techspray isopropyl alcohol are ideal for cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing. Isopropyl alcohol is a clinically recognized solvent widely used in medical industries, cleanroom environments, pharmaceutics, electronic and manufacturing sectors, and household cleaning purposes.

    Electronic and other manufacturing industries need high-grade water-resistant cleaning agents to safeguard sensitive devices from bacteria, viruses and fungus, and other surface contaminants. 

    Techspray Supplied Isopropyl Cleaning Solutions 

    The electronic industry has a high demand for alcohol-based products. The chemicals and solvents have proved to be great alternatives to clean and catalyze water-sensitive components. To promote high-end safety and hygiene, Techspray supplies isopropyl-based alcohol products by adhering to the safety measures and shipment regulations.

    Isopropyl alcohol-based products are excellent cleaning solutions for tape head cleaning, defluxing, stencil cleaning, and light cleaning. You cannot wash your gadgets and sensitive devices with water, neither you can use a liquid drop for cleaning sticky contaminants on sensitive surfaces.

    Techspray Isopropyl Alcohol

    You need a fastly evaporating chemical solvent that can effectively keep your workplace and equipment free of health hazards. Hence, using verified alcohol products is mandatory to easily wipe or scrub surface mount contaminants.

    Here are some of the best Isopropyl cleaning solutions supplied by Techspray:

    Guidelines for Using Isopropyl Alcohol products

    Isopropyl Alcohol Pre-Saturated Wipes from Techspray

    There are some benchmarks you need to consider while using alcohol-based cleaning solutions. Careless use of isopropyl products will increase the chances of health hazards and toxicity by affecting productivity. Let’s see some of the crucial guidelines you need to follow while using Techspray cleaning products:

    1. Avoid direct contact with cleaning solutions
    2. Wear safety garments and protective equipment
    3. Use tightly closed containers to store alcohol products
    4. Read the warning sign and description before you use the solvent
    5. Keep away from the reach of children
    6. Store it inside a well-ventilated area 
    7. Disposal should be carried out by following the environmental control regulation

    Techspray Alcohol Chemical Solutions for Industrial Safety

    Techspray has become an industry expert in supplying alcohol-based cleaning solutions to pan-American industries. Now you can get hold of Techspray products from the vast brand collection at Gokimco. Shop cleaning solutions from the extensive collection at Gokimco and upgrade your industry to fight the pandemic and ensure safety.
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