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See a better price? Contact us and we'll match or beat it. (800) 521-9197 or [email protected]
MicroCare High-Performance Tools: The Ultimate Cleaning Solution

MicroCare High-Performance Tools: The Ultimate Cleaning Solution

A cleaning solution is necessary for every industry to maintain quality finishing and performance. Industrial cleaning is not only about maintaining a hygienic workplace. But it is also about how neatly and efficiently you bring finished goods to the market.

Lubrication and coating are also part of critical cleaning. Choosing the best industrial cleaning partner is necessary to equip your workplace with quality products and operational capability. 

A person cleaning a computer system

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

With 35 years of industrial experience, MicroCare has evolved as one of the cleaning solutions for heavy-duty industries. The economically and environmentally sustainable MicroCare products have conquered the competitive market. 

A comprehensive audit system is necessary to bring a customized solution. MicroCare ensures efficient testing of your industrial parts at their well-facilitated lab to suggest a cost-effective cleaning strategy. 

Cleaning Solution from MicroCare

Let it be precision-oriented cleaning or fast cleaning, MicroCare supplies advanced cleaning products to meet industrial standards. Here are some effective cleaning solvents, lubricants, and coating available at MicroCare: 

1. Aerosols 

Aerosols are widely used in the beauty industry, the food processing units and the manufacturing industry to enhance workplace safety and disinfect the surrounding environment. From household room fresheners to large scale industrial solvents, everything contains aerosol content. It is known for its quick sanitation property and cost-effectiveness. 

Aerosol collection from MicroCare

Let it be precision applications or big room applications, MicroCare distributed Aerosols are available for a wide range of applications. Some of the Aerosol supply from MicroCare include:

2. Trigger Grip Brushes

MicroCare supplies trigger system enabled brushes to effectively trigger solvent flow and reach up to nook and corner to implement effective cleaning. Trigger Grip systems are ideal for circuit board cleaning where slow-drying solvents are used. 

MicroCare Trigger Grip Brushes

Let’s see some of the Trigger Grip Brushes distributed by MicroCare:

3. Stencil Cleaners

Stencil cleaning has become an imperative segment of surface mount industrial technology. You need clean and fine pitched stencils to maintain productivity and boost the pace of manufacturing. But surface mount contaminants pose a heavy risk by slowing down productivity and finishing. 

A person cleaning a mirror using wipes

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Disposable surface and stencil cleaners are necessary for every industry to clean surface contaminants. MicroCare supplies stencil wipes and stencil cleaners effortlessly remove solder flux residues, uncured chip bonder, inks and other sticky elements from surface components. Some pre-saturated surface cleaners from MicroCare are:

4. TidyPen-Adhesive Remover 

The pocket-size MicroCare TideyPen removes tape residues, labels, marketing tags, corrosions and other sticky adhesive contaminants within 60 seconds of application. It is a natural glue remover that helps in the precision application. 

Moreover, no residues or stain marks will be left on the SMT as the remover dries by providing instant relief from sticky stains. The ESD-safe property of TidyPen makes it flexible to be used on printed circuit boards and other sensitive electronic components.  

5. Degreaser

Sticky grease, oils, lubricants, fingerprints and other contaminants are very common during SMT assembly processes. Degreasers are an essential industrial cleaning solution you need to avoid tiring scrubbing and wiping. Degreasers easily remove surface mount assembly residues by providing high-end finishing and productivity.

Image of a degreaser from MicroCare

Industries need time-saving and cost-effective cleaning solutions that help in deep cleaning through effortless application. Here are some of the top-quality industrial friendly degreaser supplies from MicroCare:

MicroCare Ultrafine Cleaning Solution Boosting Efficiency

Every manufacturing industry needs immediate cleaning assistance that helps to boost the efficiency of the workplace. Market competence has increased abundantly. Hence, timely market appearance and enhanced visibility are necessary to garner customer attention and provide an excellent consumer experience. 

Gokimco supplies excellent cleaning solutions from MicroCare that help you improve your work by eliminating time-consuming scrubbing and wiping. Grab MicroCare products from brand collections at Gokimco to get instant relief from surface mount contaminants.

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