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ESD safety in workplace

Essential ESD Safe Areas to Increase Workplace Safety and Productivity

Efficiency, productivity, and security are the integral segments of every industry. If you want to ensure uniform quality and reduced downtime, it is mandatory to understand the nature of your workplace and the organizational guidelines to develop an ESD controlled workplace. 

ESD safe equipment to ensure safety

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ESD standards are crucial to upgrade workplace safety. Every industry needs a specific organizational framework to address common issues. ESD equipment and ESD control programs are developed to enhance workplace safety and operational capability of works and equipment.

Fundamentals of ESD Standards

All electrical components need an external ESD control system or guidelines that are governed by certified associations. ESD standards are basic requirements or guidance for manufacturing, operating, shipping, and testing sensitive electronic devices. It also includes a detailed verification of control measures to ensure personnel safety. 

ESD Control Program

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Step-by-step implementation of ESD safety standards is vital to enhance control program efficiency and security. It will help you to make remarkable changes in those essential areas where electrostatic discharges are a common phenomenon.

Now let’s see the essential ESD areas where ESD control programs need to be efficiently installed to protect the sensitive electronic devices and workers from possible electrocution.  

Essential Areas Affected by ESD Standards

An essential area is any space where the scope of electrocution is high. Insouciant behavior at such places can lead to system malfunction and life threats. Hence, it is imperative to identify the essential areas affected by ESD standards.  


Cleanrooms are space protected from external contamination and climatic hazards. The manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, and biotech based firms need a cleanroom to safeguard the manufacturing process.

ESD standards for cleanroom safety

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A handful of equipment is used to ensure cleanroom safety, and the cleanroom personnel is given special training to enhance productivity and safety. Essential ESD safe components used inside cleanrooms are

ESD Control Program 

An effective ESD control program includes three main divisions to ensure the overall security and functioning of the control system. They are

1. ESD Program    

ESD program covers product specifications and necessary procedures involved while handling the equipment.   

2. The Training Program

The training program ensures that the users and operators of ESD control equipment have ample technical knowledge to perform necessary tasks.

3. The Audit Program  

    The ESD audit program is the quality process checking where the authorities make sure that the equipment is functioning properly.   

    Flooring and Footwear system

    ESD safe heel grounder and flooring

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    Flooring materials and footwears are necessary to ensure heightened safety at workplaces. We, humans, are the carrier of static energy. Hence, flooring and footwear must be given prime consideration while working in such essential areas.     

    Gloves and Apron

    Apron and Gloves are the best ESD control equipment used to dissipate static charges produced by workers. They also help to stay safe from electrocution and other possible hazards.

    ESD safe gloves and body wear  

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    Personal Grounding and Compliance Verification

    Protective personal grounding must be installed in every workstation to ensure workers’ safety and steady workflow. It helps to determine the real-time functionality of the ESD control equipment used in the industries.

    Along with the personal grounding system, compliance verification is a must procedure to guarantee protection in the workplace. It helps to identify the functionality of the equipment before the installation. 

    ESD Safe Toolset 

    Hand Tools are casual life hack equipment that can help you fix daily life problems and big industrial needs. They are portable equipment that is crucial in manual operation, but it is always a neglected fact that it can pose hazards if not used with proper training. Hence, it is necessary to ensure proper safety from climatic exposure and static energy.  

    ESD safe toolbox to safeguard workers and sensitive devices 

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    The electrical connection must be done according to the type of tools you are using, otherwise, the scope of electronic discharge may increase causing life threats and damages. ESD safe pouch is a better solution to safeguard ESD safe tools. 

    Shielding and Packaging

    Workstation covers are an essential part of the ESD control equipment. Shielding and packaging include carefully designed procedures. Shipping electronic equipment needs meticulous planning to ensure safe portability. 

    ESD safe packages for easy shipping

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    According to the sensitivity of the electronic devices, packaging differs. There are static shielding bags, cushion pouch, conductive foam, ESD bubbles, and circuit board packaging to eliminate the risk of chemical and moisture reaction.

    Workstation Furniture

    A perfect work desk and a chair are mandatory to ensure safety and security. ESD safe furniture can save you from electrocution. If you are working inside an electronic industry, furniture can protect you from static charges. 

    Office friendly ergonomic furniture with ESD protection

    Photo by Uneebo Office Design on Unsplash

    ESD safe ergonomic chairs are suitable for every workplace. ESD safe modular body-friendly furniture has numerous health benefits that help to retain your focus and productivity.    

    ESD safe Labels

    ESD safe signs and labels remind you that you are dealing with sensitive devices. It helps you to reduce electrostatic discharge by reducing the accumulation of the excess charges. Also, it helps to withstand the heavy manufacturing conditions. In effect, it helps to increase productivity, reliability, and durability.

    Precautionary label warning to ensure safety

    Image by paulracko from Pixabay 

    Final Note

    Every device and safety components need some essential standards that help to address some casual problem without any hassles. ESD is a common phenomenon in every industry. There are some common ways to eliminate electrostatic discharge and life threats.

    It is mandatory to identify the essential areas where you can bring positive changes using ESD safe equipment. Compliance verification is an important criterion to ensure the productivity and functionality of the devices.

    At Gokimco, you can find crucial ESD equipment that should be used in every industry by adhering to the organizational standards. Here you will find everything from a simple disposable face mask. to massive ESD control equipment needed to safeguard your industry and enhance work productivity.  
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