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    Featured Product Hakko FM-206 Soldering System - Tech Sheet with Feature/ Benefits

    Hakko FM206 Soldering System - Tech Sheet with Feature/ Benefits With three ports and a variety of accessories, the Hakko FM206 is a versatile rework station. The soldering iron, hot air pencil, hot tweezer, desoldering kit and nitrogen soldering iron, all of which are compatible with the three-port workstation, can be mixed and matched for a variety of uses. Hakko FM206 Features: Display in either °C or °F Digital airflow indicator Self-contained pump for air flow and vacuum Automatic or manual hot air profile Passcode protected Security lock Automatic shutoff and sleep functions Compatible with Hakko’s FR830 and FR870 Preheaters Meets or exceeds ANSI J-STD-001 standards Hot air handpiece reaches maximum temperature in less than 20 seconds Benefits: Multiple configurations for a variety of uses Easily switch between accessories Rework sizes as small as 0201, 01005 and even 10x10mm QFNs Prevent theft with the passcode and security lock Compact design keeps workspace clear Compatible Accessories (Handpieces): Hakko FM2027-06 Soldering Iron Hakko FM2030-02 Heavy Duty Soldering Iron Hakko FM2031-02 Heavy Duty Nitrogen Soldering Iron Hakko FM 2029-01 Hot Air Pencil Hakko FM 2024-42 Desoldering Hand Piece Hakko FM 2023-05 SMD Mini Hot Tweezer Hakko FM2022-05 SMD Parallel Remover Specifications: Maximum power consumption: 410W (station), 70W (soldering iron and desoldering tool), 140W (hot air handpiece) Temperature range: 200 – 450ºC (392 - 842ºF) Temperature stability: ±5ºC when idle Vacuum pressure: 80kPa (600mmHg) (maximum) Suction flow: 14L/min. Air flow: 6L/min. (maximum) Heating element: Composite heater (for all tools) Size: 162(W)×136(H)×245(D)mm Weight: 6.2kg (station), 30g (soldering iron), 65g (desoldering tool), 50g (hot air handpiece) Standard Configurations (includes station FM206-55):: [caption id="attachment_1819" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Hakko FM206-DSS"][/caption] Part Number: FM206-DSS = Desolder, Solder, Solder [caption id="attachment_1820" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Hakko FM206-DTS"][/caption] Part Number: FM206-DTS = Desolder, Tweezer, Solder [caption id="attachment_1833" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Hakko FM206-STA"][/caption] Part Number: FM206-STA = Solder, Tweezer, Air [caption id="attachment_1834" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Hakko FM206-DSA"][/caption] Part Number: FM206-DSA = Desolder, Solder, Air
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