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    Heavy-Duty Work with the Hakko FM2030-02 Heavy Duty Soldering Iron


    When it comes to the electronics assembly industry, heavy duty must be defined. You can't weld iron beams together with the Hakko Heavy Duty Soldering Iron, but it will easily handle the toughest jobs in electronics repair and manufacturing. From one of the leaders in the industry, Hakko, this is a tool that will provide reliable performance time and again. That is why we are glad to stock it at Kimco Distributing.

    The Hakko FM2030-02 Soldering Iron is equipped for heavy-duty jobs. It uses the brand’s T22 Series tips, which are have a higher mass than and provide twice as much power as the standard T15 Series tips. Any of the T22 Series tips will work with this soldering iron, and Kimco Distributing has many different ones available. The tips provide versatility for different types of jobs, while the soldering iron has the power necessary for demanding work. The heavy construction helps this iron work on heavy grounding plains and heat sink applications with ease.

    This soldering iron is compatible with the brand’s FM-203 Dual-Port Soldering System and FM-206 3-Port Rework Station, both of which are available from Kimco Distributing. Hakko’s FM-203 model is an affordable station that can run two tools at once, while the FM-206 offers additional features and is suitable for multiple different soldering uses. None of these tools will be of much help when building the next tower in a major city, but, together, they are worthy of almost any electronics repair assignment.

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