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    New Weller WX2021 ESD-Safe High Powered Digital Soldering Station at Kimco

    For years the Weller name has been the authority in soldering and electrical repair. Their products are built to last and are always on the cutting edge of technology. This trend continues with the high powered Weller WX2021 soldering station. A soldering station can help even the hobbyist to complete their soldering projects quicker, with less damage to other components, and with better holds. This WX2021 is a state of the art station which combines super technology with precise soldering tools. With the WX2021 you receive a complete system that keeps your costs low, but also delivers intelligent power and greater tool compatibility. This is why we offer these great soldering stations. With Kimco you get a complete soldering station with the WX2 station with WXMP-MS soldering iron and WDH51 tool stand, WXMT-MS de-soldering tweezer and WDH60 tool stand. That is practically two different soldering stations for the price of one. Each one of the tools can also be used at the same time if needed. The Weller soldering station can also handle up to 200 watt power, while delivering fantastic control over temperature to each iron. With this station you also gain control through versatile connectivity options - preheaters and fume extraction systems, multi-purpose USB port for parameter configuration and data logging, and completely ESD-Safe to protect sensitive components. Check out the Kimco website today for more information on this robust system. You can also take the time to look up other soldering accessories you may need. Our prices are always low and you receive your order with very fast shipping.
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