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    Soldering iron and filler metal

    Optimal Uses of a Soldering Iron

    Aren't you stunned to see a thin pencil-like tool fixing large electronic equipment and metal sheets? Yes, Soldering iron is a linking tool, which is inevitable for technicians, Jewelers, Metal Workers, and Roofers.  It is the bare bone of a toolkit.

    Soldering iron for circuit boards

    Image by Justinite from Pixabay 

    Soldering is a joining process where two metals are linked using a filler metal between the gaps. Often people misunderstand soldering and welding. In simple words, soldering joins two metals using a filler without melting the base material. But in the case of welding, two metals are joined by melting the base material. 

    Now let’s see some practicalities of a soldering iron in professional spaces.

    1. Use of a Soldering iron in Jewelry Making 

    Soldering Iron is used in jewelry making to attain precision in work. Lead-free solder is used in the jewelry business, and a 100-watt soldering iron with a short trip to grip design is perfect for the lead-free solder. 

    Do you have a broken pendant which you adore the most? Or do you have a broken chain which is close to your heart? Soldering is the best option with which you can regain the original work. It, therefore, is an important process in the making of jewelry and repair works.  

    Making Jewelry with a soldering iron

    Image by photosforyou from Pixabay 

    2. Soldering Iron for Metal Repairs

    Soldering iron is used in the automotive industry to perform metal works. Mostly it is used to fill irregular gaps in metals, to smoothen hard pointed edges and merge joints which can't tolerate heavy pressure of welding. To make proper use of a soldering iron in metal works, you should study the nature of metals.

    Soft metals like zinc, silver, bismuth, and brass can be mended using a normal soldering iron, whereas hard metals like aluminium, steel, and titanium  require a soldering gun with LEDs to enhance your work. 

    3. Illuminating Craftworks with Soldering Iron  

    Stained glass art with a soldering iron

    Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

    You can make beautiful craftwork using soldering iron. Solder art has high-end popularity nowadays. Stained glass art and mosaic also use a soldering iron for perfect finishing. Temperature controlled soldering irons with light-weight iron are highly preferred for small decorative artworks on the glass.

    4. Soldering Iron for Plumbing Works

    Soldering iron is used in plumbing to do pipe works. Copper pipes are joined together using soldering iron. But, here also you need to focus on the type of soldering iron used in plumbing work

    For electrical and plumbing work, we use a different soldering iron. Water pipe connections should be merged using lead-free soldering iron only. An acid-based flux is used in a plumbing soldering iron, whereas a rosin core flux is used in an electric soldering iron.

    5. Copper Roofing using Soldering Iron

    Soldering iron joins metals to form a durable watertight seam for roofs. A general-purpose soldering iron like solder bars is used to join copper or copper alloys to prevent corrosion. Also, Gas powered or solder iron with enclosed flame and bold tips are used for copper roof work.

    Soldering iron for roof work  architecture

    Image from pexels

    Leakages are common in copper roofing. Soldering is considered as one of the best repair options. It helps in filling the metal gutters by loading the irregular gaps. The gap gets merged when the filler metal cools down.    

    These are the professional uses of a soldering iron. You have seen how soldering iron works in high-profile electronics and other industries, but did you know that the same soldering iron can be used in casual household works?  

    Household Micro Uses of Soldering Iron

    A soldering iron is not just a professional tool. It is a piece of mandatory equipment that should be considered as a home improvement tool. A simple light-weight, micro-soldering iron has many uses in day-to-day life. 

    Drill Holes in Plastics

    Soldering iron is the best tool to make holes on plastic. If you make irregular holes on plastics using a knife or hard-edged tools, there are all the chances of expanding the crack., a soldering iron can create a perfect hole that will not cause further wear and tear.

    You may also find it difficult to pierce gardening pots using normal knives and pins. Soldering iron comes as a life hack tool, useful to maintain gardening pots as well. Holes with the same size and diameter can be made using a soldering iron.

    Soldering iron for home improvement

    Image by bobana kovacevic from Pixabay 

    Soldering iron for the home-built technicians

    Some of you will be very keen about electronic works though you are not a professional. You may be the key person who performs all the micro-electronic works in your home. So, a basic tool kit with a soldering iron is always handy.    

    Soldering iron is a life-hack tool. You may find many casual day-to-day cases that can be eased by a perfect toolkit fit for your home. A handy soldering iron is always useful for home improvement. 


    The craft of soldering needs meticulous focus. A thorough understanding of the nature of solder and the nature of the base material is necessary while using a soldering iron.

    If you are planning to buy a soldering iron, you need to do a bit of research on it. The material, type, usability and features are categorized to cater to different industrial and ordinary works. So, before randomly choosing any of the soldering iron, make sure that it is compatible with your workspace.         

    At GoKimco, you will find high quality soldering iron kits fit for your home and electronic workspaces. Grab the best soldering iron and related electronic products from our store. 

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