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    Personal Protection in the Time of Pandemic: Essential Safety Measures and Guidelines

    This Pandemic has put a tight grip on the world. For the last many months, we were struggling economically, socially, emotionally, and physically. Time has taught us that we can’t sit idle anymore by fearing the pandemic. We should get back to the normal mode, but before that we should equip ourselves with all the essential safety equipment to fight the COVID-19.

    New challenges are ahead. Maintaining health and wellness needs meticulous planning. Gokimco is ready with the solutions to create a safe and sanitized home and workplace with high-quality disinfectants, cleaners, personal protective equipment, and signages.  

    Two women in blue PPE holding surgical equipment

    Photo by H Shaw on Unsplash

    Finding the best and certified PPE, disinfectants, and signages are difficult. The market is now filled with adulterated safety products. Choosing the right one fit for your health, workplace, and home should be done carefully. Here are some essential safety products and guidelines you need to know.  

    Checklist for essential COVID-19 Products

    Stepping into every shop and buying the products in your checklist takes time, but now you have trustable virtual shopping sites from where you can get quality safety products to fight COVID-19. 

    1. Cleaners, Hand Sanitizers, and Disinfectants

    Studying the nature of cleaners, hand sanitizers, and disinfectants are necessary to choose the right safety products according to the workplace need. 

    Cleaners are casual safety products that remove dirt, soil, or accumulated dust particles from the surface. Cleaners may physically reduce the impurities, but we can’t guarantee how effective cleaners are in reducing germs.

    A woman in a black dress holding sanitizer, disinfectant, and cleaners

    Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

    In the time of the pandemic, what we need is a safety product that can reduce the count of germs or count of exposure. Sanitizers are medically acclaimed products that could markdown the count of exposure by eliminating the scope of getting infections. 

    Disinfection is the process of killing germs by stagnating the spread of infections. Ease of use and durable performance make disinfectant a sought-after choice to apply in voluminous areas. 

    2. Personal Protective Equipment

    PPE kit is the essential equipment you need to carry to ensure safety. It eliminates the transmission of infections, making your home and workplace clean and hygienic. A PPE checklist includes everything that gives protection from your head to toe. 

    1. Head Cap

    A hygienic change is necessary during the COVID time. You may be wondering how could a head cap ensure safety from infections. A head cap is a protective equipment to control site infections.

    A dentist with a black head cap and face mask treating a patient

    Photo by H Shaw on Unsplash

    It is mostly used in the medical industry, the food processing industry, and manufacturing industries. Loose and uncovered hairs can rub your face, eyes, and shoulders, and you may end up using your bare untidy hands to shrug it off, thus increasing the count of exposure.    

    2. EyeWear/protective glasses

    Safety eyewear can prevent infections. It is a fact that coronavirus can enter your body through the eyes, face, and mouth. Glasses with protective side shields or safety goggles are efficient in reducing the risk of germs or infections. 

    3. Face Masks

    Face masks are primary or critical personal protective wear that must be included in your daily lifestyle. While using public transport or participating in a public gathering, it is mandatory to use face masks to prevent infections.

    Two women and two men in a white T-shirt with nitrile blue face masks

    Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

    A face mask is not a piece of cloth. Ensure that it has a protective double-layer and covers your nose and mouth from both sides. People always complain about the fogging of glasses while wearing a mask. 

    Using a face mask that has a nose wire without any gap can solve the fogging of glasses. To receive complete protection, it is recommended to choose the right mask fit for your face.

    A man with blue disposable mask wearing face shield

    Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

    Among the face masks, face shield models are highly durable and reusable. It gives protection to your eyes, nose, mouth, and face simultaneously with transparent glasses. Face shield kits protect you from infectious germs, and also it can be used in manufacturing units to protect your face from sparks, dust, and smoke.  

    3. Hand Gloves and Finger sleeves

    Our hands are the carriers of infections. We touch our body, eyes, face, and mouth using the hands that are highly exposed to contagious circumstances. Hand gloves and finger sleeves are the ultimate solutions to prevent the spread of infectious and life-taking diseases. 

    Two person wearing white gloves shaking hands

     Photo by Branimir Balogović from Pexels

    They are available in different materials, sizes, and colors. Some of the varieties are:

    Gloves must be chosen according to the risk and material you are going to handle. Medical gloves are suitable at the time of pandemic to protect our health. 

    4. Shoe covers

    The inclusion of protective shoe covers is necessary to equip complete safety. Along with hand sanitizers, gloves, eyewear, and face mask, a protective foot cover is mandatory. There are chances of dirt and infectious germs spreading through the shoe soles. Wearing protective disposable shoe covers prevents the spread of contagious germs.

    3. Non-contact Infrared Thermometer 

    People have started appearing in office spaces, groceries, hospitals, and banks. Since the COVID-19 pandemic is increasing, it is crucial to ensure that people who are entering the workplace are healthy and fit. 

    A person in green hand gloves testing the temperature of a woman in face mask using a non-contact thermomete

    Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

    A non-contact infrared thermometer can help you to check the temperature level of your customers without initiating any physical contact. Being contact-free helps you to reduce the spread of contagious diseases.    

    4. Warning signages and Guidelines 

    Signages are great assistance to remind people and guide people, especially during this pandemic time. Guidelines are necessary to remind people of the risks of containment. Instruction on how to remain safe through graphic visual representations guide people to maintain safety and cleanliness. 

    Caution signage in the yellow background and black letters with Covid precautions written on it

    Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

    Guidelines for Selecting the right PPE

    Choosing the right PPE is necessary to get the required result. There are a plethora of PPE available in the market. But you should choose them wisely to bring the needful effect

    A hand sanitizer, glove, and a green face mask kit to fight the  COVID-19 pandemic

    Image by Omni Matryx from Pixabay 

    • Understand the environment and requirement
    • Consider comfort, size, and quality
    •  Check the certification 
    • Understand the usage and maintenance

    Let’s Conclude

    Safety and hygiene are not a choice, it is a necessity. COVID-19 has reminded us the importance of maintaining good health and cleanliness. With the increasing concern about cleanliness and hygiene, numerous safety equipment have also flourished in the market.

    Gokimco offers you high-quality covid supplies from sought-after brands like Kimco and Desco. Understand the risk of COVID pandemic and choose from the extensive collection at our brand.      

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