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    The Hakko FX951-66 Soldering Station Provides Affordable Performance


    Hakko FX951-66

    The Hakko FX951-66 Soldering Station promises great performance without significantly cutting into a budget. Built by one of the leading manufacturers of soldering tools, Hakko, and sold by a leading retailer in the industry, Kimco Distributors Inc., this is not a cheaply made unit. It provides the same reliability that all of Hakko’s tools do, which is why they are recognized as a leader and Kimco Distributors is pleased to carry their equipment. At the same time, however, this Hakko soldering station is one of the most affordable models the brand manufactures.

    The Hakko FX951 Soldering Station’s compact, single-port design and ESD-safe construction make it suitable for any electronics assembly station. It will neither take up much workspace nor interfere with ESD-sensitive work, which are two reasons why Kimco Distributors sells many of these. It also has an excellent heat transfer and thermal recovery. The low-temperature alarm alerts workers when the iron is not hot enough, and the lockout key car prevents the temperature from accidently being changed. This soldering station also comes with a 30-min. automatic shut-off.

    The customers who purchase this soldering iron from Kimco Distributors typically use it in one of three capacities. Some businesses only have occasional soldering work, and the Hakko FX951-66 Soldering Station is capable of handling the workload without breaking the bank. Others use this as an additional soldering iron at many different technicians’ stations, which is why Kimco Distributing is currently giving one away for free to customers who purchase five. Finally, some businesses keep this unit handy as a backup, in case the main soldering station malfunctions. Whatever the role of this tool is in a company, it offers superb performance at an excellent price.

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