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    Weller WLC100 Soldering Iron - Why it's the best hobbyist soldering iron.

    Weller WLC100 Solder Iron Just because you may not work in electronics repair or a related field for a living doesn't mean you don't enjoy electronics. Whether you're building projects for yourself, friends and family, like doing little repairs yourself or even mess with designing your own projects, you take your hobby seriously. And, as with any serious hobbyist, having the right tools for the job means a lot. You don't necessarily need professional grade tools but you still want to have high quality ones so you can get the most enjoyment out of your hobby as possible. When it comes to a good hobbyist soldering iron you want one you can trust to give you quality connections every time, one that will last and one that is easy to use. If you've ever owned or used a Weller solder iron, you know they make great professional products and their home hobby products are every bit as good as their pro models. For instance, the Weller WLC100 is a great soldering station that gives you plenty of professional features without the professional price tag. As an example, you get fine control over your heat. This is essential when working with different electronic components, especially if you're working with components that are sensitive to heat. Since you can have as little as five watts of heat coming through the tip, you can still make solid connections without worrying about cooking components or wires and making a repair situation worse. With the ability to go up to forty watts of heat, you'll also have the power you need to work with the largest and most cumbersome of connections with ease. Another great feature of the Weller WLC100 is the fact that tips are easy to change. Although it comes with the most flexible of tips, the ST3, other tips such as a fine point tip or a blade tip can give you the ability to work with different electronics (or other hobby) needs easily. Since tips are easy to change, switching from one project or even tip needs within the same project can be managed quickly, eliminating the need to have multiple soldering irons on hand. And, the custom foam grip means you'll be able to work with the soldering iron for hours with complete comfort. While you may not need truly professional tools to get the most out of your hobby, you still want good, solidly performing tools. If electronics is your favored hobby, you'll want a Weller WLC100 soldering station. You'll appreciate it every time you use it.
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