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    Set up a decluttered workplace

    Why You Deserve a Customized Desk and Chair while Working From Home

    The idea of a perfect workplace is changing slowly. Pandemic has made your home a workplace too. #workfromhome trend is running virally across social media. Though the change is rapidly progressing, some are not accustomed to it. Generating a strain-less work atmosphere inside the comfort and laziness of home needs meticulous planning.

    If you need your work to be productive, you should be able to invest quality time, and for that, you need to choose the perfect furniture. A chair that beckons you and a desk with a flawless finish can do wonders for you.

    A work desk and a chair is mandatory

    Photo by James McDonald on Unsplash

    If you can bring work to your home, then the greatest advantage will be yours, you can arrange a space fit for your mental and physical health. Choosing furniture is the first and foremost step towards designing a thriving workplace.

    Why do you need to focus on Furniture?

    How do you feel waking up one morning and moving towards a workspace, which has an uncomfortable chair that causes back pain, and a table with scratches and flaws? It will depress you. So, choosing the right chair and desk has long-term benefits physically and emotionally:

    1. Modular, body-friendly furniture increases work productivity.
    2. An adjustable chair helps to avoid spine related problems.
    3. Studies show that classy furniture increases serotonin in your body, which lets you enjoy your work time.

    workspace with the  best furniture keep you away from distractions

    Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplash

    Leaning on the bed/sofa and mixing your professional and private space ruins a healthy routine. You should create a corner space where you can invest your time. Your dining space should no more be occupied with your office stuff and stop carrying your works to the sofa and bed. All you need is a perfect chair and a work desk.

    People might think working from home is a luxurious opportunity, but there are a lot of challenges you need to tackle. A comfortable chair and desk are the requisites to work upon. Let us see how a perfect chair and a desk will help you generate a positive turnover, health-wise, and profit-wise.

    A perfect chair for your workspace

    You might think what’s the big deal with an office chair, and how a chair can really save your health? 

    Well, you are spending over 5 hours continuously in a chair while doing your work. So you need to be extra careful while selecting the chair that could give you productive work time and decreased health issues. People who sit and work continuously always complain about issues like back pain and neck pain. Uncomfortable sitting postures are the reason for this. Buying an office-friendly ergonomic chair will let you work comfortably without health constraints.  

    Look for these features in your new work chairs.

    1. Seat at an adjustable height.
    2. Versatile seat depth and a tilted seat.
    3. A moveable armrest to keep your elbow safe.
    4. Ensure the chair has swivels and wheels.
    5. Proper seat cushioning to support when sitting for a prolonged period.
    Adjustable Ergonomic chairs are preferred

    Photo by Michael Soledad on Unsplash

    If you chose to work from home because you are pregnant then sitting inside the home or sitting in the office won't make any difference if you are not using the best maternity supported chairs. Ergonomically designed maternity Glider, lumbar support chair, kneeling chair, or pregnancy supported seat cushion should be preferred while working at home.

    A Desk for Your Workspace

    A workspace will become incomplete if you don't have a perfect desk to work. What is the perfect desk? A majority of you may have heard about ergonomic work-friendly chairs, but the idea of an ideal work desk might be new. Choosing the finest desk material that is suitable for your body, health, and the workspace is mandatory. If you have two working members in your family, you can buy Back to Back add-on stations. 

    Chair with swivels and wheels provide effortless movement

    Photo by Dhru J on Unsplash

    Here are the specifications of a perfect desk that will nurture a prosperous work time for you. 

    1. You need to have a desk where your hands are parallel to the floor to ensure proper posture.
    2.  Height adjustable tables are available in the market, but it is not mandatory if you have an ergonomic chair.
    3.  Shelves attached work desks help to get rid of storage boxes that clutter the table.
    4. Tables that have desk grommets ensure safety.  

    Decluttered work desk enhances productivity

    Photo by Hillary Black on Unsplash

    Choose Portable Furniture

    While selecting the furniture, make sure that you are buying portable accessories. Maneuverable chairs and gliding furniture should be preferred to access effortless movement. Sometimes you may get tired sitting at the same place and sometimes need a lighted space to attend an urgent online meeting. Portable furniture helps to tackle these issues.

    Final Note

    A well-equipped office space inside our homes is an overriding aspect of this pandemic that hit the world. The challenge is in converting your work to profit. If you are not equipped with the best furniture, it will affect productivity. The sofa where you sit and watch films with your family will never give you a work atmosphere. Also, your health is a factor that affects your work. So priority should be given to your health while working from home as well. Choosing the best chair and a comfortable desk is the first step to drive productivity. 

    At GoKimco, we have lined up some of the best desks and chairs to ensure comfort and productivity while you are at work. Choose from our exclusive range of products.

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