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    A Brief Overview of the Different Weller Soldering Stations


    Kimco Distributors has over a dozen different Weller soldering stations in stock, giving businesses the opportunity to find a unit that meets their needs and fits within their budgets. Which station a specific company should consider will depend not only on how the unit will be used and the company’s budget, but how often the unit will be used also is a factor. While there are many variations within Kimco Distributing Corp.’s listings, the three soldering stations listed below will give companies an overview of the Weller soldering stations avialble.

    Kimco Dictributing’s Weller WTCPT Soldering Station is a basic, but reliable unit. This entry-level industrial station will last longer than Weller’s hobbyist station. Although it is only 60W, the station heats tips up surprisingly quickly, and the tips can reach 600, 700 or 800°F. As with all of Weller’s commercial stations, a power supply, iron stand, soldering iron and sponge are included. While this basic soldering station might not afford the precision needed in some electronics repair, it can solder basic repairs continually, without risking damage.

    The Weller WES51 ESD-Safe Analog Soldering Station from Kimco Distributors is slightly less expensive than the above unit, because it has fewer temperature options. Like the Weller WTCPT Station, this one made for basic functions. It is the least expensive ESD-safe unit, making this the choice companies that occasionally need to solder in an ESD-safe setting.

    One of the most advanced units Kimco Distributing Corporation carries is the Weller WX1011 ESD-Safe High-Powered Digital Soldering Station. This unit comes with a WXMP-MS Pencil, but there are other options available. At 200 watts, this is an extremely powerful unit that can be used in an ESD-safe environment. The RT3 Tip it comes with is designed for precision work and can be used under a microscope.

    These three units are just a sample of the soldering stations Kimco Distributors carry. Any company that cannot find the perfect station for their situation should contact Kimco Distributors for help finding a solution.

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