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    Simco-Ion ESD Static Control - Product Offerings and Uses


    There is a variety of Simco – Ion products available at Kimco Distributors. Customers can find everything from ionizing fans to static field meters built by this reputable manufacturer. A survey of Simco – Ion’s offerings reveals the company’s focus on ESD-safe equipment.

    Simco – Ion builds several different ionizing fans. By removing ions from the air, these fans reduce the risk of an electrostatic discharge. They are useful when working with parts that cannot be easily grounded. Some of the ionizing fans Simco – Ion manufactures are designed to focus on a specific area. The company’s Top Gun 3-Ionizing Air Gun, which is available from Kimco Distributing Corp., is one example of a flexible, precise ionizing fan. Other models, such as the Guardian CR2000 Overhead 3-Fan Ionizing Blower remove ions from a larger area. There are also workbench fans available.

    Simco – Ion also offers two electrostatic meters, so people can verify that the company’s fans work. Kimco Distributors carries Simco – Ion’s portable meter, as well as their charged plate monitor. Replacement batteries for the charged plate monitor are also available. Both of the meters have easy-to-read digital displays and large buttons. The plate also documents the humidity and temperature of the environment during tests.

    Simco – Ion specializes in making workplaces ESD-safe, and Kimco Distributing makes these products available to the businesses that need them. Their fans neutralize components that are not easily grounded, and their electrostatic meters verify that an environment is truly ESD-safe.

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