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    ESD Matting

    ESD Matting

    GoKimco is dedicated to delivering ESD Safe Matting and other equipment designed for the different environments of the cleanroom, control of statics (ESD), and production areas. Here you can shop for ESD mats designed to eliminate static on its surface and any objects/devices placed upon it at a reasonable price.

    Here is a list of reliable and high-quality work surface mats, meters, testers, and other products you can shop from GoKimco-

    • ACL Staticide ESD-Safe Gemini 2-Layer Roll Matting is made with a material that is as comfortable as rubber. It’s durable surface withstands high temperatures, solder, flux, and harsh chemicals and is suitable for use with constant monitor systems.
    • Desco Statfree T2 Plus Dissipative Dual Layer Rubber Roll designed to aid in the prevention of damage to ESD sensitive components and assemblies from electrostatic discharge. It provides an antistatic work surface area and removes the charge from a conductive object placed on the work surface.
    • Desco Mat Kit to prevent ESD sensitive components from damage and assemblies from electrostatic discharge. It stabilizes color retention, ensures ESD performance over time, and eliminates surface layer deterioration resulting in cracking when the product is flexed.
    • Desco Statfree T2 Plus Dissipative Dual Layer Rubber Tray Liner provides a work surface that does not generate a static charge and controls the discharge rate from all conductors (including ESD susceptible items) that are placed on the surface.
    • SCS 724 Dual-Wire Workstation Monitor Kit with audible and visible alarms to indicate improper grounding of the operator and work surface. The system uses a dual conductor wrist strap cord to check that the operator's resistance in the test circuit is functioning properly.
    • ACL Staticide ESD-Safe Gemini 2-Layer Table Matting has a dissipative upper layer and a conductive base. It can be custom-cut with a sharp blade and the scraps are recyclable. The embossed finish reduces light glare and parts slippage.

    You can purchase from a variety of mats and static control products available at GoKimco to get quality and comfort at your workplace. All the products are produced to serve various industrial applications with ease and accuracy.