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    SKU AC450B
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    Digital Static Field Meter

    Ideal for Ionized Environments

    The ACL 450B Digital Static Locator is ideal for determining the source of electrostatic charges in areas where static is of concern, particularly in ionized environments. Unlike other field meters, the chopper-stabilized circuitry of the ACL 450B is immune to interference caused by ionizers. This handheld field meter can be used to perform static surveys and evaluate charge accumulation in electronic manufacturing. Also applicable in industrial operations such as converting, printing, packaging, and plastics processing.

    The meter’s ability to make consistent and accurate measurements makes it perfect to use in electronic component production and assembly areas, textiles, packaging, engineering labs, and printing.

    • Digital 3 1/2-digit LCD
    • Uses standard 9-volt
    • Test range at 1" away from target: 0 ± 20,000v in 100v increments
    • Chopper stabilized
    • Indicates polarity
    • Pulsating bull's eye indicator
    • "HOLD" capture button
    • CE Mark
    • Includes traceable calibration certificate
    • Suggested replacement for ACL AC350