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    SKU C-CP400
    Satisfaction Guarantee

    The Chemtronics CP400 is a general purpose, presaturated lint-free cleaning wipe. They are excellent for general purpose cleaning of computers, office and laboratory equipment. These wipes contain an ultra blend of 91% IPS and 9% deionized water.

    Just the factsf or CP400:

      • Saturated with 91% IPA / 9% deionized water
      • Heavy-duty, highly absorbent felt wipe
      • Solvent evaporates completely, leaving no residue
      • Nonabrasive, safe on plastics
      • Ideal cleaning wipe for field service of computers, office equipment and electronics
      • Cleans dirt, oxides, and oil from optical and magnetic tape heads
      • Made in the U.S.A.
      • Cannot Ship Via Air