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    SKU C-IPA100B
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    The Chemtronics IPA100B IPA wipes are easy to use general purpose wipes presaturated with isopropyl alcohol.

    Just the facts for IPA100B

    - IPA100B wipes are lint free and precut making this wipe excellent for cleaning fine pitch stencils

    - The IPA100B comes with a box style dispenser, but has the same excellent performance as the SIP100P style Tub Dispenser

    - Safe on plastic

      • Ultra pure mixture of 70% IPA and 30% deionized water
      • High absorbency and liquid retention
      • Strong, will not tear, shred, unravel or lint
      • Holds up to the most rigorous scrubbing
      • Wipe size: 6" x 9"

    Need more facts? Check below for our MSDS sheet just in case.
    Got a question? Send us an email info@gokimco.com or give us a call - we can help!

    Chemtronics SDS for IPA100B

    Chemtronics TDS for IPA100B

    Made in the USACannot Ship Via Air