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    SKU D-09100


    Satisfaction Guarantee

    The Desco 09100 Jewel Elastic Adjustable Wrist Strap Sapphire (Blue) with 6' Coil Cord offers durable material that will not wear and provides constant1-5 pound release to prevent accidental disconnects and increased safety.

    Desco 09100 Features:

    • Provides better connection with operator especially for dry skin or dry environments. Additionally, silver fibers are antibacterial to help keep the band and operator clean
    • Band will not introduce contaminates into the work area and may be replaced without replacing entire wrist band
    • Eliminates allergic skin reaction for most operators and prevents band from slipping so that operator does not have to re-size each time
    • Date Coded provided so that the lifespan of the product may tracked and to ensure quality control
    • Made in America