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    SKU D-09680


    Satisfaction Guarantee

    The Desco 09680 Relaxed Retraction 12' Coil Cord with Banana Plug is used with a wristband to create a path-to-ground for an operator with resistance <3.5 X 10E7 ohms per the required limits of ANSI/ESD S20.20 for Method 1.

    Desco 09680 Features:

    • Eliminates intermittent failures that occur with less durable cords and extends the lifespan of the wrist strap

    • Designed to prevent wear to banana springs that will leads to accidental disconnects from banana jacks

    • Relaxed Retraction Coil Cord soft pull does not tug on the wearer’s arm

    • Date Coded provided so that the lifespan of the product may tracked and to ensure quality control

    • Made in the United States of America