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See a better price? Contact us and we'll match or beat it. (800) 521-9197 or [email protected]

Desco 17291 Premium Full Coverage Foot Grounder, Medium

SKU D-17291
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The Desco 17291 is a premium full coverage foot grounder, size medium, with two meg resistor.

Features of the Desco 17291full coverage foot grounder:

    • Full Coverage Foot Grounder
    • Converts non-ESD footwear to footwear that will provide a path-to-ground and will not generate a charge.*
    • Tab to Cup Resistance: 1 x 106 to < 1 x 107 ohms at 100 volts
    • Meets the ANSI/ESD S20.20 required limit tested per ESD SP9.2 & ESD TR53 suitable ESD footwear component in personnel grounding flooring/footwear system.
    • Contact Points on Ball and Heel Area
    • Remains in contact with the floor (path-to-ground) through a normal walking motion and in situations where both heels may be off the ground.
    • 3 Sizes (S, M, L) with D-Ring Adjustment System
    • Allows for a comfortable fit with most styles and sizes of shoes
    • Tear Resistant rubber Material with Reinforced Inner Scrim
    • Prevents tearing - increasing the service life of foot grounder
    • Non-Marring Interior Material
    • Will not leave marks on operator’s shoes.
    • 18 Inch Conductive 8-Strand Nylon Polyester Grounding Tab
    • Additional conductive material provides reliable connection with operator’s sweat-layer.
    • UL Listed
    • Independently reviewed for adequacy of the products design.
    • Made In the United States of America
    • Suggested replacement for the Desco 04565