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    SKU D-19691


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    Desco 19691 Jewel Adjustable Elastic Dual Wire Wrist Strap
    • Patented (US patents 6,052,053 and 6,205,408) Dual Wire Wrist Strap provides redundancy
      Even if one dual wire wrist strap conductor is severed, operator has reliable path-to-ground with other wire

    • Use with resistive loop technology continuous monitor
      Continuously verifies the proper resistance to ground of the operator

    • Solid stainless steel wrist band stud machined to exacting tolerances and precise profile
      Ensures reliable path-to-ground connection to spring loaded 4mm stainless steel constant contact coil cord snap

    • Durable, lightweight fabric
      Some users prefer the softness, comfort and flexibility of this material

    • Has silver impregnated nylon knitted on inside for superior conductivity
      Reliably removes generated static charges
    • Made with pure silver irreversibly bound to fibers providing both antimicrobial and anti-odor performance

    • Adjustable
      Only one item to stock; may be fitted to almost all people

    • Locking clasp
      Band locked so it will not slip

    • Unique patented (US patent 4,662,695) adjustment design eliminates exposed conductive “tail” of band
      Provides added safety eliminating chance of providing inappropriate ground path

    • Medical grade 300 series stainless steel used for all metal parts
      Eliminates allergic skin reaction for most people

    • Non-shedding, non-sloughing band material
      Safe for microelectronics
    • Date coded
      Providing lot tracability to ensure quality control

    • Lifetime warranty on our wrist band stud

    • Superior resistor connection strain relief
      Superior reliability. Greatly exceeds ESD S1.1 Bending Life Test. Tested at over 11,000,000 cycles vs. the 16,000 requirement
    • Compatible with 3M and other brand continuous montitors

    • Made in America
      Superior quality