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    by Edsyn
    SKU EDS-AS196
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    SILVERSTAT SOLDAPULLT with LS197 tip and ODS31 O-Ring. The AS196 is static safe and designed for heavy duty, high volume applications. Easy one handed loading and operations.  Integral cleaning shaft self cleans the tip.  Engineered with conductive plating and especially designed for desoldering of static-safe components. Made at our factory in Van Nuys, California for over 50 years.

    Features of the Edysn AS196:

    • The "Rolls Royce" of static safe desoldering hand tools
    • Identical in size and performance to the DS017
    • Engineered with static safe conductive plating
    • Especially designed for desoldering of static safe components


    Dimensions: 13"/330mm

    Power Requirements: na

    Power Rating: na

    Weight: 3.5oz/99g

    Heater: na