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    by Erem
    SKU ER-2442P


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    The Erem 2442P grip material that is both soft to the touch while offering a solid feel of control. This grip is more comfortable and yields less fatigue.The surface of the grip is also non-slip for a high performance feel. The shape of the tool and grip provides self-positioning for the fingers and thumb. The grips are ESD safe to protect sensitive components.

    Erem 2442P Features and Benefits:

    • Co-Molded ergo grip for maximum comfort
    • Flat nose for universal bending
    • Smooth or Serrated Jaws
    • Made of extruded 100% machined Eremadium tool steel for durability
    • Patent internal Magic spring maintains constant Fatigue-free operation
    • Erem Maximum Opening Stop (EMOS) limits handles from opening