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    by Hexacon
    SKU HEX-TOT-1002+
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    Therm-O-Trac + Soldering Stations are the best available for high reliability applications. They exceed all industry standards and MIL specs including the performance requirements of MIL-STD-2000A and ANSI/JSTD001; the ESD requirements of MIL-STD-1686; and the EMI and RFI emission criteria of MIL-STD-461A/ 462A. With outstanding performance, Therm-O-Trac + is also the leading station for commercial applications requiring high reliability and accurate temperature control.


    • Temperature Control Therm-O-Trac + is designed to give the industry's most stable temperature control during the work cycle and less than ±1% variance at idle temperature. Temperature is controlled by a thermocouple positioned at the working end of the tip. It continually senses temperature and corrects for temperature variations immediately by adjusting the power through a closed loop, zero voltage switching circuit.

    • Temperature Range Variable temperature models (350°F to 850°F) can be set for any temperature in range. All units can be easily calibrated in the field without any special components or tools to ensure certification compliance with industry standards and MIL Specs.

    • Practice Safe Soldering Therm-O-Trac + does not produce levels of EMI, RFI, ESD, electrical or any other energy forms detrimental to sensitive devices during soldering. The station design and construction eliminates any possibility of ESD damage.

    • Made to Survive the Harshest Soldering Environments Therm-O-Trac + Stations are durable and built to last with independently replaceable component parts and tips. All models are available in either 110/120V, 60 HZ or 220/240V, 50 HZ.

    Therm-O-Trac 1002+

    The Therm-O-Trac 1002 is continuously adjustable from 350°F to 850°F and is the most popular station in the Therm-O-Trac family.


    • 36VAC

    • Available in 110V/220V

    • Digital Circuitry

    • Temperature Range of 350-850F

    • Closed Loop Feedback

    • Optimal Sensor location

    • Accuracy of +-1% of set point

    • ESD Safe