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    by Kester
    SKU K-8310972331


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    The Kester 2331-ZX Flux Pen® is designed for leaded and lead-free rework of conventional and surface mount circuit board assemblies. Kester 2331-ZX is an innovation in organic acid water-soluble flux chemistry for soldering circuit board assemblies.

    Kester 83-1097-2331 Features:

    • Used for soldering critical assemblies in the telecommunications, computer and other industries
    • Will not create excessive foaming in standard water cleaning systems
    • High activity
    • Chemically compatible with most solder masks and board laminates
    • pH Neutral Chemistry
    • Classified as ORH1 per J-STD-004

    Kester TDS for 2331-ZX Fluxpen

    Kester SDS for 2331-ZX Fluxpen