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    by Kester
    SKU K-6300005768


    Satisfaction Guarantee

    IMPORTANT CONDITION CONCERNING THIS PRODUCT: This product CAN NOT be shipped to a home address! If you place an order attempting to have this shipped to a home address, we will cancel and refund your order LESS the credit card processing fee.

    The Kester 5768 Bio-Kleen® is a highly concentrated liquid cleaner which is added to water to make a non-foaming solution for removing rosin flux residue. The alkaline chemicals in Kester 5768 react with rosin by a chemical conversion known as saponification to form soaps which are water-soluble.

    Kester 63-0000-5768 Features:

    • Possesses enhanced ability to solubilize unsaponifiable material that is normally present in rosin and in additives used in some flux or solder paste formulations
    • Stable composition during use at elevated temperatures such that a greatly increased operating life is achieved
    • Leaves joints bright and shiny after cleaning
    • Enhanced ability to solubilize flux residues
    • Easily cleaned in water
    • Effective for both rosin and water-soluble flux chemistries

    Kester SDS for 5768 Cleaner

    Kester TDS for 5768 Cleaner