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    by Kester
    SKU K-6300000979


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    979 Soldering Flux

    Kester 979 is a VOC-free, no-clean flux formulation for high quality, low-defect soldering of electronic circuit board assemblies. This flux\'s finely tuned activation system offers the best wetting available in VOC-free liquid flux technology and the shiniest solder joints. 979 also reduces micro solderballing on glossy laminates and between connector pins. 979 will not attack properly cured solder masks or FR-4 Epoxy-Glass laminate. 979 leaves a minimal amount of residue after soldering. All remaining residues are non-corrosive, non-conductive and do not need to be removed.

    Kester 63-0000-0979 Features:

    • Flux Type: VOC-Free, No-Clean
    • For Use with Lead-Free Solder
    • Specific Gravity: 1.016 ±0.010
    • Compliant Specifications: Telcordia Issue 1 GR-78-CORE & IPC/J-STD-004 Flux designator ORLO
    • Residue Removal Method (not normally required): Wash with hot de-ionized water at 140-160°F with 2% solution of Kester #5768 Bio-Kleen® saponifier

    Kester SDS for 979 Soldering Flux

    Kester TDS for 979 Soldering Flux