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    Kester K100LD Bar Solder, Lead Free Ultra Pure, Price per 5lbs. | 04-9574-0050

    by Kester
    SKU K-0495740050


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    K100LD Lead-Free, Silver-Free Alloy Bar Solder

    K100LD is a eutectic Tin/Copper alloy with controlled metallic dopants to control the grain structure within the solder joint, and to minimize the dissolution of copper into the solder pot. K100LD virtually eliminates the occurrence of common defects such as icicling and bridging. The improved grain structure also results in shinier solder joints than traditional lead-free alloy alternatives.

    Kester K100LD Features:

    • Lowest dissolution of Copper from boards and components
    • Bright, smooth solder joints similar to Sn63Pb3
    • Silver-Free Lead-Free alloy
    • Excellent through-hole penetration and top side fillets with virtually no bridging
    • Reduced leaching of solder pot metals
    • Lead level specified at <0.05% insure RoHS compliance

    Kester SDS for K100LD Bar Solder

    Kester TDS for K100LD Bar Solder

    NOTE: Bars are 1-2/3 lbs, sold in 5 lb increments (3 bars). Price shown is per 5 lbs.