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    Kester 24-6337-6422 | Sn63/Pb37 Wire Solder, 331 Organic Water Soluble, .015"dia., 66 Core, 1 lb. spool

    by Kester
    SKU K-2463376422
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    The Kester 331 Organic Flux is a water soluble formula for use in flux-cored solder wire. The flux is more heat stable than most organic fluxes, resulting in minimal smoke and odor. The residue can be completely removed with a simple water rinse.

    Kester 24-6337-6422 Features:

    • Excellent solderability to a wide variety of metallizations
    • For Lead-bearing and Lead-free alloys
    • Easy residue removal in DI water
    • Compatible with leaded and lead-free alloys
    • Classified as ORH1 per J-STD-004

    Kester SDS for 331 Flux-Cored Solder

    Kester TDS for 331 Flux-Cored Solder