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    Lindstrom PS501-1D Manual Pre-Set Torque Screwdriver, 6-32 in.ozs.

    SKU LIN-PS501-1D


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    The Lindstrom PS501-1D Manual Pre-set Torque Screwdriver is a high precision screwdriver with precise 1/8" hex adjustment screw that makes setting torque easy. Hex key included with each driver.

    Just the facts for PS501-1D:

      • Lightweight and rugged construction

      • Unique, high-precision cam-over torque-limiting design

      • Reduces the risk of damage and rework costs by virtually eliminating the over-application of force

      • The permanently lubricated internal mechanism never needs to be oiled

      • Shape and non-slip grip provide additional user comfort

      • Stainless steel 1/4" hex bit holder accepts all standard drive bits

      • Non-magnetic spring-loaded bit holder helps avoid damaging sensitive equipment or components

      • Internally adjustable torque setting can easily be changed* with the included 1/8" hex key