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    Loctite 2761488 Tak Pak 7452 Accelerator, 0.07oz metered mist bottle | Formerly 229784

    SKU L-2761488


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    LOCTITE® SF 7452 is transparent, light amber, cure-speed accelerator for the increased cure speed of LOCTITE cyanoacrylate adhesives. It can be either pre- or post-applied. It is especially suited for post-application on cyanoacrylate adhesive to ensure rapid fixturing. Typical applications include securing wires or coils to PCBs, tamper-proofing adjustable components, mounting stand-offs, edge guides and board stiffeners.

    • Cures excess adhesive
    • Provides excellent cosmetic appearance avoiding the white discoloration of instant adhesives
    • Not recommended on plastics prone to stress cracking

    Loctite 2761488 Features:

    • Suitable for securing wires and coils on PCB's
    • On-part life of 1 minute
    • Acetone base
    • Tamper proofing adjustable components, mounting standoffs, edge guides and board stiffeners
    • 0.07oz. metered mist bottle

    Formerly part number 18637

    Loctite TDS for SF 7452