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    by Metcal
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    The Metcal SCV-CNL04 Conical Long Solder Tip is used in the popular MFR-1120 and the MFR-2220 Rework Systems. The SCV-CNL04 offers SmartHeat® Technology that is unique that it senses the specific thermal demand directly at the solder pad and delivers the precise quantity and flow of thermal energy during both flux activation and intermetallic bonding phases without any adjustment and calibration. SmartHeat® is radically different and provides users the only fully safe and thermally effective soldering lead free solution.

    Metcal SCV-CNL04 Features:

    • Ceramic for high thermal demand applications
    • 0.4mm x 13.6mm (.016" x .53")
    • Use with MFR-H2-ST Soldering Iron
    • Can be used with PS-900 Soldering Station

    Made in the USA