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    The MicroCare MCC-VOC10A UltraClean VOC-Free Non-Chlorinated Flux Remover is a non-chlorinated, halogen-free, high-purity cleaning fluid, developed to clean rosin “no-clean” fluxes and hard-to-clean lead-free solder pastes. It is the ideal cleaning fluid for perfectly clean printed circuit boards during assembly, manufacturing and rework and repair. It is also suitable for use in cleaning fingerprints, moisture, light oxides, dust and other airborne contamination frequently found on circuit boards that are returned for warranty or service work.

    • VOC-Exempt formula

    • Highly-effective on no-clean fluxes

    • Medium drying speed

    • Strong non-chlorinated/halogen-free cleaner

    • Plastic-safe

    • MicroCare TriggerGrip Cleaning system compatible

    Made in the USA