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    MicroCare MCC-MLC16 MultiClean Surface Electronics Cleaner Spray, 12oz



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    MultiTask Surface Electronic Cleaner Spray – MultiClean™

    MultiTask Surface Electronic Cleaner Spray provides fast and safe cleaning in almost any production environment


    • Removes solder paste, flux residues, fingerprints, uncured epoxy residues, light oils and grease
    • Cleans most solder pastes found on SMT stencils
    • Removes organic and ionic residue, light oils and other contaminants commonly found in the manufacture of electronics and medical devices
    • Suitable for cleaning a variety of surfaces and the working environment
    • Cleans medical devices, electronics, stencils, work benches, tools, production machinery, and any surface that requires hygienic grade cleaning


    • 70% High Purity IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) and 30% D.I. (Deionized) water
    • Purified D.I. water slows the cleaner’s evaporation rate for more effective cleaning
    • No mixing required, supplied in a convenient 12 oz bottle
    • Refillable bottle helps reduce landfill, use one gallon or 5 gallon refills
    • MultiTask Surface Electronic Cleaner Spray leaves no residue
    • ESD-safe
    • Excellent materials compatibility so it is safe to use on most common surfaces