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    by Kimco
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    SKU P-6993-0321P1


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    MT-100 MiniTweez Kit with Tip & Tool Stand (IntelliHeat)

    The MT-100 Minitweez handpiece features soft comfort grips and an ergonomic design which mimics the natural motion of the human hand virtually eliminating operator fatigue. With more than 8 different styles of Tip Heater Cartridge tips available, the MiniTweez is the most versatile component removal handpiece and tips cost less then half of our leading competitors! Remove a wide variety of SMD's quickly and easily even on today's compact high thermal mass PCB's with tiny, hard to reach components. Includes Tip & Tool Stand. Tip/Heater Cartridges supplied separately.

    Features of the Pace 6993-0321P1 MT-100 MiniTweeze Kit:

    • Gear-action movement and multi-axis tip alignment provide ultimate control and targeting accuracy
    • Tip-Gap Adjustment Wheel increases productivity and reduces operator fatigue during repetitive operations
    • Rotational (Theta) Alignment achieves perfectly aligned tips
    • Instant SetBack (ISB) Tool Stand automatically reduces tip temperature, virtually eliminates tip oxidation and extends tip life
    • Patented, High Powered Tip-Heater Cartridges can be changed within seconds and heat up quickly
    • A wide selection of low-cost, high-power Tip-Heater Cartridge Geometries are available
    • Provides safe, rapid removal of surface mount components in a simple, one-handed operation