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    SKU TT-CM400


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    A single wire constant monitor for one wrist strap only.

    The CM400 single wire constant monitor continuously checks the total grounding system, including the operator, the wristband and the coil cord, and alarms if there is any issues. The monitor is compatible with most single wire wrist straps and coil cord sets. This is the simplest, and most cost-effective way to ensure a wrist strap is continually working. An audible alarm and light will signal a failure.

    Why Use Constant Monitors

    Since people are one of the greatest sources of static electricity and ESD, proper grounding is paramount. One of the most common ways to ground people is with a wrist strap. Ensuring that wrist straps are functional and are connected to people and ground is a continuous task. Using a constant monitor eliminates the need to test wrist straps and coil cords before, during and after shifts. They are constantly monitoring the grounding system, and will alarm if there are problems. This eliminates failures that happen after a wrist strap passes a test but fails during the work shift.

    Transforming Technologies CM400 Impedance Monitor, 1 Operator

    • Continuously Checks One Single Wire Wrist Strap

    • Easy To Use: Simply Plug In Wrist Strap

    • Audible and Visual Alarms

    • Factory Calibrated with Certificate – Does Not Require Recalibration