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    by Weller
    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Weller WXR3 Features:

      • Up to three 200w high performance tools can be operated simultaneously for up to 600 watts of total power on the 3-channel, WXR3 rework system
      • Used for soldering and desoldering of both large and small SMT components
      • 2 internal pumps provide the sources for hot air, desoldering vacuum and a vacuum pick up tool for a completely self-contained rework system
      • LCD display simultaneously monitors all parameters, connected tools and peripheral devices
      • Adjust parameter setting and other functions through menu
      • Compatible with all WX tools, accessories, and peripheral

    Weller WXR3 Specifications:

      • Series: WXR3
      • Product Type: Analog
      • Applications: Soldering, Desoldering
      • Power Rating: 420(600)W
      • Input Voltage Rating: 120V
      • Output Voltage Rating: 12|24V
      • Maximum Operating Temperature: +850°F
      • Minimum Operating Temperature: +200°F
      • Airflow Rate: 15L/min
      • Pressure Rating: 0.7 bar|20.7 inHg
      • Includes: 3 x Safety Rests, WXR Rework Unit, Hot Air Pencil/Nozzles, Desoldering Iron/Tips, Soldering Iron/Tips, WVP
      • Vacuum Pickup Pen/Vacuum Cups, Desoldering Tiplet
      • ESD Safe (Yes/No): No