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    Hakko Electronic and Manufacturing Supplies: Shop by Brand for Quality Products

    Hakko Electronic and Manufacturing Supplies: Shop by Brand for Quality Products

    If a brand evokes quality and a productive experience, Hakko is the number one choice among the manufactures and industrial associates. Hakko is known for its 60 years of experience in industrial product supplies. From small scale hobby related industrial product supplies to large scale industrial electronic supplies, Hakko has everything that could improve your workplace. 

    A wooden table with the soldering iron, tweezer, scissors, and ceramic cream

    Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

    People are now more inclined to shopping by looking at the brand from where they could get the products they need in superior quality. Hakko has been successful in satisfying the demands of the small scale to heavy-duty industries. Its 60 years of successful journey put forth the quality service and product maintenance offered by Hakko in the electronic market.

    A collection of essential handheld tools arranged neatly on a table

    Image by falconp4 from Pixabay

    Gokimco, the major supplier of products, services, and solutions to the manufacturing, testing, and repair industries, has incorporated products from Hakko to satisfy the needs of American industries. Here’s a  list of products Hakko offers to Gokimco customers.

    Product Supplies from Hakko

    Strong and durable tools with high potential are mandatory to improve workplace productivity. Hakko provides high-quality products that could withstand work pressure in heavy-duty industries. 

    1. Soldering Tools 

    Effective and robust soldering iron tools are available with varying usage properties, and iron sizes. A soldering iron is an essential life hack tool that has equal importance in home improvement and large industries. 

    The soldering iron we use for jewelry making, metal repairs, craftworks, and plumbing differ in structure and characteristics. As per the requirements and working area, we need to select the soldering iron with the right tip.

    A person doing soldering work on a circuit board

    Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay 

    Some of the soldering iron offered by Hakko includes

    2. Soldering Tip cleaners

    Along with Hakko soldering iron, it is ideal to use Hakko soldering iron tip cleaners to effortlessly clean the iron tip from oxidizing and debris. The spinning brushes in the cleaning device smoothly clean the edges without causing any damage. A cleaner helps to maintain the soldering iron by increasing the durability and keeping it safe for long-term use.  

    3. Desoldering Equipment 

    If you need a soldering iron, then desoldering equipment is inevitable. What if you want to remove the soldered joints without harming the sensitive area or devices. Nothing other than desoldering equipment can bring the product to the original form without losing the natural texture and productivity.

    A desoldering iron, neatly coiled steel wire and circuit board arranged on a yellow background

    Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay 

    Some of the best quality desoldering tools from Hakko are:

    4. Rework Stations

    Rework station is a crucial tool when it comes to the electronic industry. Rework tools are used for modification and repair of electronic appliances including the soldering and desoldering works. While doing handheld/machine work, there are all the chances to make mistakes by forming surface mount components.

    Hakko offers efficient rework stations to repair defective products without damaging the surrounding parts. Hakko has in store a plethora of rework stations with varying characteristics and features

    5. Fume Extraction System

    High-quality, effective, and low power consuming fume extractors that remove hazardous dust particles are available at Hakko. Industries associated with welding, sanding, grinding, and spraying require an effective fume extraction system to protect the workers and sensitive devices.

    A person wearing essential safety wear working inside an industry

    Photo by Kateryna Babaieva from Pexels

    The three commonly used extractors supplied by Hakko include

    Thermal Wires and Cables Stripper

    Thermal wire strippers are great assistance to cut the wires accurately with precision to initiate a safe conductive contact. Now, just steer clear from the usual scissor and unhygienic biting methods. Let’s start using Hakko thermal wires and cable strippers. Strippers are available with automatic functioning capability and manual functions. Hakko offers automatic and manual strippers with high precision and effect.

    A stripper with a red handle cutting a wire

    Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay 

    7. Hot tweezer tips, Soldering tips, and desoldering Nozzles

    If you are using a tweezer, soldering iron, or a desoldering tool, the edge of the equipment has great importance in determining the efficiency and precision of your work. Hakko has a vast collection of  tweezer tips, soldering iron tips, and desoldering nozzles that will perfectly satisfy your requirement.

    A person picking a minute object using a tweezer with a green handle

    Photo by Maksim Goncharenok from Pexels

    8. Industry Thermometer

    Hakko’s temperature thermometer has a traceability management system that provides error-free temperature reading. The digital thermometer is capable of measuring temperature up to 500ᐤc (932ᐤ) and has a long life span compared to the normal thermometers. 

    A person measuring the temperature using an industrial thermometer

    Image by Daniel Memmler from Pixabay 

    Apart from the mainstream electronic tools, hand tools, and cleaners, Hakko offers many life hack equipment that helps in easy maintenance of your workplace, tools, and sensitive devices. 

    ESD safe holder steel stand, solder tip cleaning wire sponge, tip rejuvenating/cleaning chemical paste, ceramic filters, locking assembly sleeve, and smoke absorber are some necessary life hack tools you can buy along with heavy-duty tools.       

    Final Note

    Electronic and Electrical industries need quality supplies from trustable brands. Brand value matters when it comes to manufacturing. At Gokimco, you will find an extensive collection of Hakko products, a trustable brand with 60 years of experience. Shop by brand and enhance your work and workplace with our finest quality products.
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