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    ACL Staticide 8698 Conformal Coating Remover, 12 oz.

    SKU AC8698


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    ACL Conformal Coating Remover - 8698

    Removes a variety of conformal coating types

    ACL's Conformal Coating Remover quickly and efficiently removes many types of conformal coatings, including acrylic, silicone, and urethane conformal coatings from PCBs and other surfaces. It can be used as precision coating remover for specific areas or as a full immersion bath.

    With its fast stripping action, it easily prepares surfaces for solder rework and repair. Conformal Coating Remover will not fade, crack, yellow, or discolor plastics under normal use conditions. It is compatible with most materials used in electrical and electronic assemblies and is compliant to REACH and RoHS.

    • Flammable
    • Safe for most plastic and PCB surfaces
    • Evaporates quickly; non-corrosive
    • No CFCs or HCFCs
    • REACH and RoHS compliant
    • Made in the USA

    ACL SDS for 8698 

    ACL TDS for 8698