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    SKU C-38140


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    The ITW Chemtronics Coventry 38140 sealed polyester swabs have the strongest seams available and will not split. They are ideal for tough scrubbing around raised shapes.

    Chemtronics Coventry 38140 Features:

    • Class 10 (ISO class 4)
    • Strong seams that will not split
    • Ideal for tough scrubbing around raised shapes
    • Low ionic, nonvolatile residue and particle contaminants
    • 500 per Sealed bag
    • Polypropylene flexable tip handle
    • Material: Knit polyester
    • Swab length and width: 2.7"x0.09"
    • Head length, thickness and width: 0.48"x0.06"x0.12"