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    SKU D-40936


    Satisfaction Guarantee

    The Desco 40936 Statfree i Conductive Floor Mat, 3'x5'x0.50" is ESD safe and provides a flooring surface that will ground the operator and minimizes charge generation when used as part of a Footwear/Flooring personnel grounding system.

    Features of the Desco 40936:

    • Conductive (< 1 x 106 ohms Rtt and Rtg)
      Rtt and Rtg1 will remain low enough to consistently meet the requirements of an ANSI/ESD S20.20 Flooring and for use in a Footwear / Flooring grounding system.

    • Ergonomic Support Cell Structure
      Suspended bounce feel, and matrix of “tri-radial” supports firming up as weight is applied improves worker comfort and productivity.

    • Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) Material with Beveled Edges
      Designed to withstand abrasion, stretching, and tearing. Use in areas with light wheeled cart traffic.

    • Interlocking Edges
      Use as a stand alone mat or link together for specific work areas.

    • Tested for Minimal Particulate Levels
      Used with cleanrooms down to and including Class 1,000.

    • Additional Warranties: Lifetime Electrical Properties and 8 Year Ergonomic Performance

    • Lead-free RoHS 2 and REACH compliant

    • Made in the United States of America

    1. Grounding hardware is not included. If the Statfree i® material is used on top of an already properly grounded ESD floor (or other substrate), grounding hardware may not be necessary. Where no properly grounded ESD floor is available, grounding hardware is required to provide a path-to-ground. Rtg compliance verification measurements must be made as outlined in ESD TR53.