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    by Metcal
    SKU OK-GT90


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    GT90 Soldering System is an adjustable temperature station that uses inductive technology as the heating mechanism. The complete system includes a soldering station with an external power supply, a hand-piece, and a work-stand to support a variety of soldering and rework applications using the associated tips and cartridges.


    The GT adjustable temperature technology has a fast and repeatable heating mechanism and encompasses the convenience of temperature adjustment with the stability and performance of inductive heating. This gives the GT systems a significant performance advantage with much faster time to temperature, thermal recovery and temperature stability during soldering versus competitors in the same product category.


    GT90 is a single port soldering station with best in class performance, 90 watts of power, and ideal for single iron applications on the production line.  The GT90 is supplied with a replaceable 90Wexternal power supply allowing for a more compact design to save space on the bench and improve the quality and life of the system.