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    PACE 1124-0038P1 Single Sided Chisel, Fine Pitch Soldering Tip

    by Pace
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    SKU P-1124-0038P1
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    The Pace TD-100 IntelliHeat Soldering Iron quick and consistent heat transfer ensures that flux is fully activated and burned off, leaving the work site properly prepared for the formation of highly reliable solder joints. The Tip Heater Cartridges will provide instant tip change capability with a unique key lock feature to ensure proper tip orientation, durability and stability even in the most demanding production operations. The end of the tip starts with a special copper alloy with superior heat transfer capacity followed by a thick layer of iron for long life and excellent solderability.

    Pace 1124-0038-P1 Features:

    • Ability to recover from thermal loading and maintain its heat
    • Eliminates the need for higher, unsafe temperatures when using Lead Free solders
    • Lead Free and RoHS Compliant
    • Single Sided Chisel, Fine Pitch
    Made in the USA