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    Satisfaction Guarantee

    The Scienscope ELZ-PK2-R3E Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope offers high performance optics and features without the high performance price tag to match. The optical system is suitable for all industrial, electronics, and educational inspection applications. The sealed microscope body is perfect for use in harsh environments as well as clean rooms.

    • Upgradable System: Available upgrades on eyepieces, objective lenses, light sources and many other microscope components allows flexible adaptation to your changing workflow.

    • Maintenance-Free: Anti-mold and air-tight sealed body design eliminates the need for regular maintenance and adds additional reliability in most working environments.

    • High-quality Optics: Based on the NZ series microscope construction, the ELZ outperforms many competitors in the compact category.

    Includes: ELZ Stereo Zoom Binocular, 10x Eyepieces, ErgoTrack stand with 76mm focus rack, ring light adapter, and new super-bright, low-profile LED ring light.

    This item replaces the ELZ-PK2-R2E